Upcoming Events

Rainbow Pooch in the Park

Celebrate the bond between our LGBTQ+ community and our four-legged companions. Whether you have a furry friend or simply want to bask in the canine camaraderie, this monthly social dog walk is the paw-fect opportunity to connect, walk, and wag together.

Pat and Chat

Join our online support group that welcomes every voice. Share experiences, uplift one another, and embrace the strength of unity. Plus, get your dog-related queries answered during the Q&A session with our esteemed dog doctors.

Rainbow Pooch Ramble 

Experience the beauty of nature and the joy of canine companionship at our quarterly Rainbow Pooch Ramble. This rural dog walk promises breathtaking views, fresh air, and the company of fellow LGBTQ+ community members who share your love or dogs. Get ready to explore and connect!


Elevate your canine connection with exclusive Masterclasses! Enhance your dog-parenting skills with personalised training sessions led by our expert Dog Doctors. Delve into topics that strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend, from health to behaviour and beyond.

You must be a member to attend our events. Membership is free to anyone that identifies as LGBTQ+ and is 18 years or older.