Bringing the LGBTQIA+ community together through the love of dogs.

Often for a person identifying as LGBTQIA+ having a dog goes far beyond just pet ownership.

For some they may have been the first living being that an LGBTQIA+ individual ‘came out’ to, or they may form an integral part of an ‘alternate’ family, or they may have simply provided great comfort by offering unconditional love, acceptance and a non-judgmental ear in times of struggle. Without a doubt for LGBTQIA+ lives the constant and devoted presence of a dog eases moments of isolation by bringing much comfort, laughter and love.

We still live in a world fraught with homophobic tensions. The presence of social prejudices against sexual orientation and gender orientation mean that an LGBTQIA+ individual is three times more likely to experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. Often these canine friends of ours can be found in the background providing their silent support in times of need.

Rainbow Pooch Pride is dedicated to celebrating dogs as the silent support service for LGBTQIA+ lives.


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