Volunteer Expenses Policy

Volunteers are not paid for their time, however, volunteers who carry out volunteering activities for Rainbow Pooch Pride will not be out of pocket as a result of their involvement. Approved out of pocket expenses, required to carry out the volunteering activity, will be paid and should not affect benefits claims or have any other legal or tax implications.

Volunteers may claim out of pocket expenses when they are involved in any activities relating to their volunteering with Rainbow Pooch Pride. The expenses paid will be actual costs incurred. All expenses claimed should be supported by valid receipts as evidence of expenditure.

The expenses that volunteers are entitled to claim whilst volunteering at Rainbow Pooch Pride are listed below:

  • Travel to and from the place where the voluntary activity takes place.
  • Travel during the course of volunteering.
  • Meals taken during the course of volunteering may be available where a volunteer contributes more than 4 hours continuously (up to £5 is recognised as reasonable)
  • Postage, stationery and telephone costs and other materials or equipment required for volunteering activity.
  • Care of dependents, including children, during the period or volunteering (see over)
  • The cost of protective or special equipment or clothing.
  • Other approved expenses relating to volunteering role or activity.

If unsure whether expenditure is valid, please check with the Volunteer Coordinator.

These expenses are in accordance with the Inland Revenue and the Department for Work and Pensions guidelines. For further information please visit: UK Government – Expenses and Benefits