Health and Safety Policy

General Statement of Intent

Rainbow Pooch Pride attaches the greatest importance to health and safety matters and undertakes to provide a safe and healthy working environment, in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant regulations. To meet its responsibilities, attention will be paid to the provision and maintenance of:

  • Safe premises and systems of work and a healthy working environment
  • Information, instruction and training in safety matters
  • Safe access to and egress from a place of work and procedures to follow in an emergency

This policy will be kept up to date as legislation changes and as the organisation grows, and will be reviewed annually. 

Organisation – Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsibility for the Health and Safety Policy and Practice

Rainbow Pooch Pride’s Management Committee will have the overall responsibility to ensure that the health and safety policy and practices are implemented. 

The day to day responsibility will be with the who

Penalties for breaches in health and safety legislation can be severe.

  1. Duties of the Management Committee

The management committee will meet no less than four times a year and review any changes to the health and safety policy and practices. 

It will also be the responsibility of the management committee to oversee the work of the Project Manager who will provide a report to the meetings.

  1. Duties of the Responsible Person

The duties of the Project Manager are:

  • To report to the management committee on all health & safety issues
  • To liaise with staff on relevant health and safety issues
  • To implement the health and safety policy and practices and review these at least once a year
  • To ensure any assessments are carried out as required
  • To inspect the workplace at least once a year
  • To investigate any potential hazards and dangerous occurrences
  • To make sure that any hazards are repaired, or equipment replaced where necessary
  • To investigate any complaints made by the management committee, freelancers/contractors, volunteers, members, and any person visiting Rainbow Pooch Pride premises and to forward report to the management committee
  • To advise freelancers/contractors on job safety and accident prevention
  • In conjunction with above, to advise freelancers/contractors on job safety and accident prevention.
  • To inspect the first aid box at least twice a year and replace missing items
  • To give an induction to all new freelancers/contractors on fire / emergency procedures
  • To organise any health and safety training requirements for freelancers/contractors and volunteers
  • To keep any necessary information on health and safety and make it available to any management committee member, freelancer/contractor, volunteer or member who wishes to see it

To advise all Rainbow Pooch Pride freelancers/contractors in all office accommodation on health and safety issues on an annual basis

  1. Duty of Volunteers and Individuals providing paid for services

The Health and Safety at Work Act lays down certain duties for  people that provide a service to an organisation . In particular, they have a duty to:

  • Work safely, efficiently and without endangering the health and safety of themselves, their colleagues or anybody else working at or visiting the organisation’s premises
  • Adhere to all safety procedures laid down by the organisation
  • Report all accidents, ‘near-miss occurrences’ and any other hazardous situations to the Project Manager
  • Where necessary, wear safety and protective clothing or use protective equipment and safety devices as provided
  • Meet any other statutory safety obligations including that laid down in Section 8 of the Act, which states that ‘no person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare’
  1. Duties of First Aiders
  • To provide first aid as and when required
  • To provide advice on first aid matters as and when appropriate


The following are general arrangements for implementation, which are set out alphabetically for ease of reference.


Accident Reporting

All accidents, no matter how small, must be properly reported. This should be done even if it appears that no injury has been received. Additionally, staff must report ‘near misses’ or potential hazards to the Project Manager to ensure situations are investigated and preventative action taken where required. An appropriate Accident Book (BI510) is kept in each Rainbow Pooch Pride office and details should be completed by a suitably trained member of staff. 

Under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1985 (RIDDOR) the following must be reported to the Health and Safety Executive immediately by the Project Manager who will inform Rainbow Pooch Pride’s management committee:

  • If somebody dies or is seriously injured in an accident
  • If there is a ‘dangerous occurrence’
  • If anyone is off work for more than three days as a result of an accident

Action to be Taken in the Event of an Accident

In the event of a minor accident, assistance should be sought from a first aider/appointed person and details entered in the accident book.

If the accident is such that the resultant injury cannot be dealt with by a first aider, the casualty should immediately attend the Accident and Emergency department of the nearest hospital. 

If the injury is such that assistance and/or constant attention is required, the first aider / appointed person will send for an ambulance. If the person is seriously injured and/or unconscious, the ambulance service must be called.

Accident Prevention

The prevention of accidents is essential to the efficient operation of the organisation. Safety audits, improved procedures, additional training and anticipation by both managers and employees will all be utilised to contribute to the prevention of accidents.


Accident Investigation

All accidents at work should be preventable. The Project Manager will investigate the circumstances of any accident, or near miss, whereupon a full report will be given. Where possible, steps will be taken to reduce the possibility of a similar accident/incident occurring.

Accident Contractors

Successful contractors will be asked to forward copies of their health and safety policy and where necessary their method statements. Contractors will also be asked to sign Rainbow Pooch Pride’s ‘rules for contractors’ and complete a contractors check list.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Rainbow Pooch Pride will eliminate, where possible, the use of hazardous materials on its premises by replacing them with less hazardous materials.

Where this is not possible, Rainbow Pooch Pride will control the use of these substances by limiting employees’ exposure to them or providing protective equipment for employees.

There will be an annual assessment of these substances.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations 1992

Under the above regulation Rainbow Pooch Pride will recognise its obligations and will ensure that staff will be given advice and training on the use of DSE to minimise any possible ill effects. Any difficulties experienced by a member of staff connected with the use of DSE should be brought to the attention of the Project Manager. A risk assessment programme will be undertaken whereupon the Facilities Advisor will carry out an annual assessment for every DSE user.

[NAME OF ORGANISATION] will pay for annual eyesight tests for any DSE user who requests this. A ‘user’ is defined as someone who habitually uses display screen equipment as a significant part of their normal work.

The Project Manager should ascertain from the risk assessment which staff members require eyesight tests. If a member of staff is experiencing any problems with their eyesight then they should also bring this to the attention of the Project Manager who will provide the necessary form for the member of staff to take to their opticians. Where tests identify that an employee requires glasses solely as a result of DSE work, Rainbow Pooch Pride will contribute £50 towards the cost of such special corrective eyewear. Written confirmation of test results will be required from the prescribing optician/optometrist.

Electricity at Work Regulations 1991

Rainbow Pooch Pride will ensure that a qualified electrician checks all electrical appliances / hard wiring in compliance with the above regulation, and where a defect is found, they will ensure that it is repaired or removed from use immediately.

Electrical Equipment

The Project Manager will regularly visually inspect all portable equipment, including leads and plugs. At appropriate regular intervals an approved electrician will test all portable appliances. All staff should report any defects to the Project Manager with immediate effect. The installation or tampering of any electrical equipment by staff is not permitted. The use of toasters by staff is not permitted within any of Rainbow Pooch Prides’s properties.

  1. Electrical circuits must never be overloaded. Electric or telephone leads must never be laid across walkways without appropriate safety cable covers.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

In the event of an emergency situation, any person at the scene should dial 999 and request the appropriate emergency service(s). The Project Manager should be informed as soon as possible, so that an early investigation may be undertaken. Where an accident has occurred and is reportable under RIDDOR, no alteration to the site of the accident/emergency other than in the interests of safety should be made until advised to do so by the Project Manager as a Health and Safety Executive may need to be involved.

Fire Safety and Procedures

Where Rainbow Pooch Pride is a tenant or hirer of a premise, a competent person that manages the premises is responsible for; regularly conducting and communicating a detailed Fire Risk Assessment, visual inspection of equipment, fire drills, and approved testing of the fire alarm/fire extinguishers; keeping a record of all tests related to Fire Risk; giving instructions on use of fire extinguishers; ensuring fire procedures are located adjacent to fire fighting equipment; appointing Fire Wardens; 

First Aid

First Aid Boxes

First aid boxes will be provided and maintained at all locations by a nominated First aider / appointed person. It will be the responsibility of the First aider / appointed person who uses the box to ensure that it is re-stocked. The Project Manager will check the contents of the boxes twice a year.


First Aid Training

A nucleus of individuals at all locations will be trained in first aid. It is essential for anyone providing first aid to observe hygiene guidelines. Gloves are provided in all first aid boxes and these must be worn at all times when dealing with accidents involving contact with body fluids.

Hazard Reporting

The management committee, freelancers/contractors, volunteers, and members are encouraged to be vigilant and report any hazards to the Project Manager. Where possible steps will be taken to eliminate the hazard, where this is not possible it should be reduced to the lowest level.


All new members of staff (including temporary staff) will be given a full health and safety / environmental induction on their first day of work. This induction will be carried out where possible by the Project Manager or by a delegated person who has received full instruction on the induction process.

Lone Working

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places duties on employers to ensure that their employees are working safely. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require risk assessments to be carried out to ensure that significant risks are addressed. It is within these assessments that any specific risk faced by lone workers should be addressed, the findings of which should be made known to the relevant line manager by the Project Manager.

Manual Handling

Rainbow Pooch Pride will meet its obligations under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. If it is established through the risk assessment process that manual handling will be an issue for any staff/individual, voluntary or paid, then the Project Manager should give basic awareness training in relation to manual handling. 

Personal Safety

Rainbow Pooch Pride has a legal duty to minimise employees’ exposure to harm while in work/ peoples’ exposure to harm whilst delivering the activities of Rainbow Pooch Pride. Personal safety includes more than just the risk of physical violence. Individuals, paid or voluntary, may face verbal and/or mental abuse, discrimination, threatening behaviour, bullying even ostracism. Anyone who has concerns regarding their personal safety should discuss this with the Project Manager immediately.


Information relating to accidents must be recorded in the accident books in the various office locations.

Information relating to fire safety must be kept in the fire safety log books in the various office locations.

Information relating to training and occupational health issues will be kept on individual personal files.

Personal files will be kept confidential at all times and in a locked filing cabinet.

Risk Management

The following guidelines have been provided for information and advice only.


The purpose of a risk assessment is to identify the measures needed to protect employees, trustees, visitors and others who may be affected by the risk. 

All individuals, paid or voluntary, engaged with the delivery of Rainbow Pooch Pride activities are encouraged to be vigilant and report any hazards to the facilities advisor. They are encouraged to adopt the following protective and preventive measures:

  • Where possible, avoid risk altogether
  • Reduce unavoidable risk to a minimum
  • Adapt work practices to minimise adverse effects on health and safety
  • Give priority to measures which protect the whole workplace
  • Encourage and promote an active health and safety culture within Rainbow Pooch Pride


In addition to the formal risk assessments at Rainbow Pooch Pride premises which are carried out on an annual basis, all events organised by Rainbow Pooch Pride require a risk assessment as does any Rainbow Pooch Pride physical contribution to an event organised by a third party. All risk assessments are to be sent to the Project Manager who will maintain a register.


The Project Manager will arrange for individuals, paid or voluntary, engaged with the delivery of Rainbow Pooch Pride activities, to undertake any health and safety training which may be specific to an individual’s work activity. Manual Handling, first aid, fire safety and personal safety awareness training will be offered on a regular basis. The responsibility for implementing this programme will be the Project Manager.

Safety of Premises

It is Rainbow Pooch Pride’s intention to ensure all premises under its control are maintained, so far as is reasonably practical, to be safe and without risk to health and safety and to have adequate access. Regular risk assessments will be taken and recorded. Premises will display legally required notices and certificates.


The importance of building security cannot be overstated.

Management committee members, freelancer/contractors, volunteers, and members are to take care of personal belongings, particularly handbags, wallets and purses. Rainbow Pooch Pride cannot accept responsibility for these items.

All visitors must report to reception, sign in and be given an identity badge (where applicable). On leaving, all visitors must check out and hand in their badge. 

Visitors who are seen not to be wearing badges may be offered assistance, asked to identify themselves and their reason for visiting.

Where the Project Manager deems a situation to be a risk appropriate action may be taken.

The person(s) who has invited the visitor(s) to attend Rainbow Pooch Pride premises is/are deemed responsible for the visitor’s safety at all times during their visit.


nder the Smoke free premises legislation 2007 smoking is not permitted on Rainbow Pooch Pride premises or property, including car parks, yards and the like.


Adequate toilet and washing facilities are available and these will be kept to a minimum required standard at all times. The office accommodation areas will be regularly cleaned and kept in good repair and decorative order. 


It is Rainbow Pooch Pride’s policy to consult all individuals (paid or voluntary) engaged with the delivery of Rainbow Pooch Pride activities on health and safety matters.

Any individual on the management committee, freelancer/contractors, volunteers, or member disregarding the health and safety policy, procedures or requirements, or found to be encouraging others to do so, will be dealt with under the Rainbow Pooch Pride disciplinary procedures.

Further Information

Environmental Health Offices

Can be contacted for advice if they are your enforcing body. Their telephone number is in your telephone directory under the Local Authority section.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Tel: 0845 345 0055

This site gives you an overview about the HSE, its activities and the information it can provide to you.